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Water Challenges in Tunisia

Inefficient water use: network leakages, agricultural waste
Between 2010 and 2016, about 69% of the total irrigated areas in Tunisia adopted water-saving technologies, with an efficiency varying between 38% and 85% and an average of 59%, which is far from the desired norm of around 80% in the pressurized networks.[1] [2] The low level of efficiency can be explained not only by the physical losses in the networks but also the administrative losses due to illegal connections and insufficient registration of water meters.

Water Resources and Quality in Iran

The total long-term annual renewable water resources are estimated at 120BCM, of which about 78BCM go to surface run-off, and groundwater recharge is estimated at about 42BCM per annum, 11BCM by qanats (underground water supply systems) and springs, plus 31BCM by wells.


Sustainable water resource management in Iraq has no shortage of challenges. Some of Iraq’s water hardships, like seasonal floods and droughts, occur naturally. Many of the most disruptive and destructive problems are, however, man-made: water infrastructure debilitated from decades of war and neglect; inefficient and outdated agricultural practices; rapid population growth and urbanization; competing water management approaches within transboundary river systems; and the looming crisis of climate change. The government of Iraq has plans to address the situation but it remains to be seen whether major reform will transpire.