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Fanack Water provides accessible, well-researched information on water resources in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through peer-reviewed country reports and in-depth publications on latest developments.

Country Reports make the complex issue of water resources in the MENA region accessible to a wide readership. Our reports include maps and infographics on surface and groundwater, water quality, and water use. Efforts to improve water management and governance systems are also discussed.

Small river in Nineveh Plains, Iraq (Ruben Vermeer, 2019)

Currently we have country reports available for Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi-Arabia.

Publications focus on political issues, projects and technologies regarding water resources in the MENA region. Similar to the country files, our publications also include visualised data on the topic of the report. In addition to our more in-depth publications. We also publish Interviews and Blogs that address water issues in the MENA region through interviews with experts and short opinion pieces on the latest developments.

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Fanack Water Team

Dr. GÜL ÖZEROL – Senior Editor

Dr. Gül is a researcher, editor and author with a PhD in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development. She has lived and worked in Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands, and has been researching water issues in the Middle East and North Africa for more than 10 years.

Contact: [email protected]


Eng. WALA’ AlSHIEKH ABDALLAH, MSc. – Researcher & Editor

Wala’ holds a Master degree in Water & Environmental Engineering, with specific focus on wastewater treatment technologies. Wala’ is involved in the research, development and the review of Water related researches focus on water projects and technologies, as well as the analysis of efforts to improve water management in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Contact: [email protected]


RUBEN VERMEER – Researcher & Editor

Ruben is an all-round professional whose expertise includes project management, editorial work, copywriting and networking. He is passionate about the Middle East and North Africa and tries to travel through the region whenever possible. Ruben has been active in the international water sector and water & security domain for numerous years.

Contact: [email protected]