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Solar Desalination: A Promising Solution for the Future of Water in MENA

To mitigate water scarcity, the countries of the MENA region have substantially increased their investment and participation in desalination. There is no single model for desalination, nor can one model be applied in all the countries.

Financing of the Water Sector

In theory, Israel is responsible for addressing any challenges related to water resources in the West Bank, as it is the occupying power and controls the resources. However, Israel has failed to fulfil these obligations and the responsibility has fallen to international donors along with Palestinian authorities …

Q&A with Dr Ahmad Yaqubi

Q&A with Dr Ahmad Yaqubi, Water Resources Technical Adviser, Palestinian Water Authority, Gaza It will take decades to reverse the damage to the aquifer but we must do everything we can to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Gaza is one of the most water-scarce areas in the world, but this scarcity is a relatively […]