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Water Resources in Morocco

The amount of water that is technically and economically exploitable is 80% of current available resources. This reveals the constraints on water resources and the challenges that lie ahead regarding the urgency of an integrated management approach.

Water Quality and Use in Morocco

Deteriorating water quality is one of the major problems facing Morocco’s water sector. Indeed, critical levels of pollution have been observed in several sections of watercourses, and several water streams have high concentrations of phosphorus, ammonia, organic matter and high coliform counts.

Water Management in Morocco

The passing of Law 10-95 in 1995 was a major breakthrough in Moroccan water policy. The law’s main objective was to rationalize water use, provide universal access to the resource, reduce disparities between cities and villages and ensure water security across the country.

Solar Desalination: A Promising Solution for the Future of Water in MENA

To mitigate water scarcity, the countries of the MENA region have substantially increased their investment and participation in desalination. There is no single model for desalination, nor can one model be applied in all the countries.