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Suffering from a shortage of renewable natural freshwater resources, Kuwait depends heavily on seawater desalination to meet its water needs. Brackish groundwater, which has low natural recharge rates, is also exploited for agricultural and greening purposes and for mixing with desalinated water to make it potable. At the same time, a growing population and rising standards of living have contributed to a rapid increase in water demand. The reuse of treated wastewater, as a non-conventional water source, has become crucial.


Algeria, like many other countries in the world, is facing significant natural, environmental and climatic challenges. Its galloping population coupled with increasing water demand is putting this vital resource – and by extension social and economic development – at risk.

To meet the minimum standards for water quantity and quality set by the World Bank, Algeria developed an ambitious strategy to increase water supply through huge investments in the improvement of the hydraulic infrastructure as well as organizational and institutional restructuring focused on the valuation of the resource