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About Fanack Water

Fanack Water is a new English-Arabic website that focuses on water issues in 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Presenting feature articles, interviews with experts from the region and a series of peer-reviewed Water Files (see below), Fanack Water is aimed at a broad audience in the MENA region and beyond.

In January 2015, Fanack Water launched a series of monthly Focus Themes, covering a variety of topics, including the Gaza water crisis, the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on water resources in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and other pressing issues such as the effect of drought and climate change in the region and possible solutions. Focus Themes include news and feature articles from across the region, interviews with decision-makers and experts, and relevant case studies. Readers are invited to comment on these articles and engage in online discussions on the Focus Theme.

For those seeking a more comprehensive insight into any aspect of water availability, use and management, the Fanack Water Files offer detailed information on water-resource management in 20 MENA countries and several Special Reports with a broader regional scope.

Fanack Water is part of Fanack, an e-publisher of news and analysis of politics, society and the economy in the MENA region. With correspondents in 20 MENA countries, Fanack goes beyond the headlines to give a local, regional and international perspective on the news from the region. Fanack targets a broad audience of readers in the region and beyond, with a particular focus on the younger generation, aged 18 to 35. In addition to Fanack.com, Fanack has launched a facts-and-figures quiz on the MENA region.

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Fanack Water: Key Objectives

1. Create broad awareness of the MENA water crisis

in the region and beyond, particularly among the younger generation. Despite growing water scarcity throughout the MENA region, few are aware of the urgency of the situation, and those who are often feel powerless to effect change. Fanack Water aims to increase awareness, particularly among MENA youth, by presenting topical, balanced and reliable information and stimulating dialogue on the future of water in this arid region.

2. Present objective, accurate and up-to-date information and analysis

on the state of water resources in the MENA region. While crucially important to the region’s development, water remains a sensitive topic in most MENA countries, and accurate information is often hard to obtain. By presenting high-quality, standardized, accessible and reliable information on the state of water resources in 20 MENA countries, Fanack Water aims to encourage greater regional cooperation and dialogue about sound water management and innovative solutions.

3. Bridge the gap between science, policy and society.

Too much of the current discourse about water takes place in isolated circles: water experts speak to water experts, policy-makers speak to fellow policymakers, and the general public is often left out. Fanack Water aims to bridge the gaps between science, policy and society by encouraging interdisciplinary exchanges and stimulating dialogue on the topic of water. Fanack Water specializes in translating complex technical and scientific material into accessible, non-specialist language, using innovative formats, with a variety of visual aids to enhance clarity and understanding.

4. Connect international private business with public authorities, knowledge institutes and the private sector in the region

to foster successful partnerships. Fanack Water provides an excellent platform to showcase new products, services, insights and innovations and build new relationships with potential clients and (business) partners. Fanack Water offers opportunities to communicate with a wider audience of educated readers who share a passion for water, who are seeking solutions or who are looking for opportunities in the water sector.

5. Promote innovative technology and policy solutions

to provide safe and adequate water supplies for the region’s growing population. Projections of the decline of water availability in the MENA region make for sobering reading, but solutions are available and are already being implemented. Fanack Water aims to showcase such innovative technology and policy solutions in a bid to encourage the sustainable use of water resources.