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The Fanack Water Files

The Fanack Water Files is an ambitious project to publish a series of peer-reviewed reports on the state and evolution of water resources in 20 countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The aim is to provide accurate, up-to-date information on various aspects of water use and management in the water-scarce MENA region.

The first Fanack Water File, which was released in January 2015, looks at challenges and solutions to water management in Jordan and is accompanied by a special report on the Red Sea – Dead Sea Project.

The production of each Water File is part of an extensive and thorough process that includes several phases:

  • The relevant literature is researched and a first summary of chapters is developed

  • A team of local authors and researchers, usually academics and experts from international organizations and NGOs, produce a first draft

  • The editors of the Fanack Water Files review the first draft and forward it to a peer reviewer

  • Fanack Water editors, the authors and the peer reviewers engage in an iterative process of review, consultation and consolidation, which results in a final draft

  • Fanack Water editors then work with Fanack‘s in-house content-production team to oversee copy-editing, translation and publication of the Water File

The result is a series of comprehensive files that provide a clear and balanced overview of the state and evolution of water resources in each of the 20 MENA countries covered by Fanack. In addition to a detailed description of all surface and groundwater bodies in each country, the Fanack Water Files include sections on water use, water conflict and crises, water institutions and stakeholders, as well as information on efforts to increase water availability, reduce water loss and consumption, and control pollution.

The Fanack Water Files also feature a series of Special Reports with a broader regional scope. These reports address topics including the management of transboundary rivers, such as the Jordan River, and the development and implementation of large infrastructure projects, such as the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey and the Red Sea – Dead Sea Project in Jordan.

The Fanack Water Files are published in two versions:

  • The Online Water Files cover key aspects of water availability and use in each of 20 MENA countries. Accompanied by interactive maps, these fact sheets provide general audience readers with a thorough, succinct overview of the state of water resources in the 20 countries. The Online Water Files are available free of charge in English and Arabic.

  • Fanack Water’s e-books are detailed and comprehensive English-language reports on the state and evolution of water resources in 20 countries in the MENA. More expansive than the information published in the Online Water Files, the e-books are aimed at readers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of water-resource management in the MENA.

The first e-book, Water Challenges and Solutions in Jordan, with a special report on the Red Sea-Dead Sea Project, was published in January 2015. The e-books are published in multiple formats. They can be downloaded from this site and are also available at Amazon.com and other e-book distributors.